Meet Andrea Broemmeling

Andrea Broemmeling

In September of 2006, after spending time at the Denver Gem and Mineral Show, Andrea Broemmeling walked in to Wonders of the World as a customer, hoping they had an item she regretted not buying at the show. While shopping, she overheard Pamela speaking to the managers about their immediate need to hire someone with a knowledge of rocks and minerals. She turned and said "I know something about rocks and minerals, you should hire me!" Andrea's knowledge came from her love of jewelry and gemstones and her introduction to the world of minerals and fossils by her father who was in the business. Her technological and organizational skills were gifts she brought along with her as she entered Wonders' world. It was a fit from the beginning. So, eight years later, what started out as a small part time job for the married mother of three boys has turned into a full-time management position.

Andrea has a passion for all that is beautiful and unique and she loves to shop! (If not for Wonders of the World inventory, then for shoes and clothes especially.) She hopes she shares that passion with all of her Wonders customers. Andrea enjoys spending her personal time with her husband, Rick, and their children, all grown up now, as well as the rest of her large extended family. She is completely grateful for all of them, just as she is for those she considers her Wonders family.